Are there wedding-friendly industrial barbell earrings? You know it.

By on Mar. 7th


Photo courtesy of Etsy seller Heatherluvs

Offbeat pierced couples: are you wearing your industrial barbells at the wedding? If I know our Offbeat Bride readers, you'll be all for it. See this collection of wedding plugs (and the many comments!) for proof. I went on a mission to find wedding-friendly barbells that could match the laciest or raciest wedding wear.

Flowers, hearts, and Irish Claddagh designs are awesome to soften the edge of the piercing, but I couldn't help including some skulls and twisted designs, too! Check them out and then tell us where you plan to snag your set!

I love the vintage feel of this flower barbell. I feel like there would be an amazing vintage headpiece that would go really well with this. Maybe this one?

Industrial Barbell Stainless Steel Heart

Industrial Barbell Stainless Steel Heart

An arrow through a heart? That has to be a keeper when it comes to wedding-friendly, right?

And then there's this killer black skull. It's more hardcore, but I know there are brides who would own the shit out of this.

Another skull, but a whole different look. It's total pretty skull territory.

Bringing your piercings AND your faith? Oh, I think this may fit the bill. It can then double as your "something blue," if you're into that.

Oooh, this one is trippy and classy all at once.

What? An "everlasting spiral" barbell? Oh, the symbolism! We will forever be together in our love of each other and cool piercings.

Here's even MORE symbolism, this time in the form of an Irish Claddagh barbell. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty.

So I know ya'll are going to go crazy letting us know your favorite places to snag amazing barbells, right? Lay it on us!