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Shoes so loud, they might as well be shouting

By on Mar. 22nd

Roxy - Pink LeopardWhat? What's that you say? I can't hear you over the screaming awesomeness of these extremely loud, brighty colored, boldly patterned, super obnoxious, and totally amazing shoes.

Y'all know the routine by now. I like loud shoes — even the ones I could never afford or ever walk in. If you're looking for classy and timeless this week, you're not really going to find much here — this link might be better for you. Or you can just scroll down to the random bonus shoe.

But for those of you into some eye-ball popping good times? LET'S GET CLICKING.

Axis - Black Suede
Francesca - China
Rambler - Coco Iridescent
Stuntin - Multi White
Get Hi - Blue Lime
Wicked - Leopard Fur
Tavik - Beige
Journey - Blue
Fandango - Red
Cosette - Nude Suede
Tune Up - White
SWMG Unitard - Pink

Random bonus shoe

Jazz Heels In Teal By Chelsea Crew