3 reasons to hire North Carolina's Carolyn Scott Photography for your wedding

By on Mar. 8th

0005Don't be fooled by the name; our North Carolina-based sponsor Carolyn Scott Photography is more than a one-woman show — it's the husband and wife team of Carolyn and Geoff. They love offbeat weddings and are dying to shoot a lot more of them.

So, in order to turn their dream of more quirky weddings into YOUR dream of amazing wedding photos… here are three reasons you should hire Carolyn Scott Photography.


Their website rocks:

I fell in love with Carolyn and Geoff after seeing their website. From the layout to the wording, it's clear that they are super fun and cater to couples of all genders and orientations. No gender stereotypes here!


They're upfront with their pricing:

Another reason their website rocks so hard is that Carolyn Scott Photography makes it easy to see their prices. No dicking you around! $3000 will get you Carolyn and Geoff for 10 hours, high-res and web-ready files on a USB with a print release of all your wedding photos, and an online gallery. They have other options as well, and they're all totally laid out for you.


They travel:

Yes, Carolyn Scott Photography is based in North Carolina, but as they put it, they like to shoot weddings "in the cool evening breezes of Anytown, USA." I know a lot of photographers say that, and you think "yeah sure, whatever…" But Carolyn and Geoff make traveling to your wedding easy: There's one flat travel charge for US weddings that they can't easily drive to, and after that they cover the flight, car, hotel, and they'll even feed themselves on their own dime.


If you still need more than those three reasons, here are a few more: their logo looks like Halloween awesomeness, they've beaten all the Resident Evil games, and Geoff has a sweet beard.

So head on over to this Carolyn Scott Photography website that I keep talking about, peep some more of their awesome wedding porn, and read more about Carolyn and Geoff in their own words. Then fall in love with them and hire Carolyn Scott Photography to shoot your wedding!

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