A painting-worthy two-tone wedding gown from Wedding Dress Fantasy

By on Mar. 28th

267219_522063017809669_381489811_nWhen Tova, the designer behind Wedding Dress FantasyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, uploaded this photo to her Real Brides album on Facebook, she commented that this photo was "soooo romantic, it almost looks like a painting." And I have to agree. This photo with that two-tone wedding dress in gold and green looks like something right out of one of my art history books.

Here's one more photo where you can see the gorgeous bodice detail…

310453_522062977809673_769537643_nLook how the bottom of her dress matches his tie! The coordination, the colors, the fashions, and, let's face it, LOCATION — where the hell is this dreamy location!? Everything about this should be framed and drooled over for ages.

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