DIY disc bunting: It's different because it's circles!

Guestpost by Rae Rae on Mar. 28th

OBB3_zpsd7b54c3fCircle card stock bunting: the good news is it's fast, super-cheap, and super-easy! It's so easy that I got other people to help make them, too. I bought all my thread and cardstock online — so I sent the link to my mum and aunties and they bought their own. I gave them the biggest and smallest dimensions of the discs and the length of each chain. And now there are little sandwich bags of decor in three different countries sat waiting patiently for my brightly-coloured bubble-pop-electric wedding!

All you need to make these are…

  • A sewing machine
  • Card stock
  • Scissors

20130109_205639_zpsca12d3ceStep 1: Chop your card into discs (or other shapes, if you prefer) of many sizes and colours! It doesn't have to be perfect — remember no-one is going to see the bunting up close as it will be hanging up above their heads.

I found it easiest to stack up a few bits of card, cut it into strips and then chop out five at a time. (I put on an audio book while I was chopping and before I knew it, I had chopped up 30 pieces of card!)

Step 2: If you are going for the random-colour-selection throw all the discs in a box and give them a big jumble-up.

20130109_210316_zpsfbc8cddcStep 3: Thread your sewing machine with suitable colored thread, and set it onto a running stitch. I used two contrasting colours for the bobbin thread and the main thread to add extra in-your-face brightness.

Step 4: Stack up as many discs in your hand as possible. I started by just popping them onto the machine one by one from the box but I found stacking them REALLY speeds up the process.

Step 5: Start popping the discs through! They should just pile up on the other side of the machine. The foot and runner suck them up nice and quickly. You can get a good rhythm going after a while — I was making chains of 15ft in about ten minutes.


20130109_211401_zps2cf6208aStep 6: Finally, wind them up and pop them in some kind of transportation device — I used little sandwich bags — so that they don't get tangled.

When it comes to decorating the venue, just unwind them and enjoy how awesome you are!

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