Channel royalty with Renaissance-style hair taping

By on Feb. 21st
Photo courtesy of Rock Mosaic

Photo courtesy of Rock Mosaic

If you're planning a Renaissance or Medieval wedding and want some era-appropriate hair to go with it, check out this tutorial for Italian Renaissance hair taping. It involves weaving fabric around braids or twists and tying it at the back. With the right styling, however, this look could be full-on contemporary.

To get this style going, you'll need:

  • small hair elastics
  • bobby pins
  • grosgrain or satin ribbon (three yards)
  • plastic yarn needle

This video will get you started on making the braids. It's then a matter of "sewing" the fabric around the braid and securing with the pins. Once it's done, you shouldn't have to think about your hair AT ALL, even while busting moves to your favorite '80s hair bands (or, you know, the dance of courtly love!).


Photo courtesy of Rock Mosaic

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