A beautifully unique and retro wedding up-do for shorter hair

Guestpost by Roxie Hunt on Feb. 7th

photo-1I know it is harder for short hair brides to find cool DIY hairstyle options, so here's one for you shorties! Short hair up-dos require a mixture of different design elements. This one combines a twist on the side (Amy's haircut is asymmetrical, so we twisted the short side).

Then, we made little messy pin-curls on the other side. With short hair, it is hard to make very neat pin-curls, so you have to settle for lots of ends sticking out. Once you accept it, you realize it looks even cuter that way. Very retro-natural.

The front of this hairstyle is lightly back combed and rolled back and pinned into place for a little vintage bang bump.

Then we sprayed it with KM session spray, because without a good hairspray, it can be very hard to hold short hair in place. But it is not necessary. And if you can't get every hair in place, don't fret. This hairstyle is made to be retro yet casual for easy wear.

Here is the breakdown…


Step 1: Start a twist on one side and twist it all the way to the back of the head. Criss-cross pin it into place.

Step 2: Make a little pin-curl with the ends of the twist, and pin it into place.

Step 3: Make another pin-curl next to it and pin it.

Step 4: Make a third pin-curl, and pin it next to the last one.

Step 5: Working your way up the head on pin-curl side, make another pin-curl and pin it into place.

Step 6: Make one last pin-curl and pin it.

Step 7: Take the bang section and gently back comb it. Smooth the front and roll it back and pin it.

Now spray it thoroughly to set it, and you are done!

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