Save time, trees, and sanity with Glö's über-personalized digital and print invitations

By on Feb. 22nd

Our longtime sponsor Glö offers über-personalized paperless invitations, wedsites, smart RSVPs, guest messaging tools, and is full of customization options to fit any style. The last few times we talked about them, I shared some of MY favorite Glö invitation themes, this time I get to highlight founder Taryn's favorite designs, while I gush about Glö some more.

As of March 2012, Glö has helped save their customers almost 20,000 hours of planning time, over $80,000 in stamps, countless hours of stress therapy, and lots of trees! Here's how they can do the same for you…


The idea for Glö was born when founders Taryn and Enrico were planning their own wedding.

We searched and searched for wedding planning tools and ideas for couples like us — modern but sophisticated touches that would made our celebration fun for our guests, easier for us to plan and reflected our style and personalities. We really wanted to send invitations and collect RSVPs online — but we couldn't find anything that we felt was beautiful and sophisticated enough, plus had the RSVP and website functionality we required.

So they got pro-active and created Glö, with all of its gorgeous invites (pre-designed or custom!), and wedding organizational tools so that you don't have to go mad scouring the internet.


But don't be scared of sending emailed invites: Glöbies (aka Glö's customers) say their guests love 'em. (But if you're worried, Glö offers paper invites too!) Not only are paperless invites eco-friendly, but they definitely send a signal that this won't be your run-of-the-mill-type wedding. AND your guests will appreciate the convenience of having all the RSVP, travel, and logistical information at their fingertips online with your matching Glö wedsite.

If you want to go the papery route, every single one of Glö's paperless designs (including any of the invites you see here) have matching paper or printable versions so you can be as paperless or paperfull as your little hearts desire! You can also send a paper invite to just your families, while remaining paperless for your friends and the more tech-savvy.

With Glö invitations, you won't have to collect everyone's mailing addresses, stuff envelopes, lick stamps, or manually keep track of RSVPs. You're always in control of who sees what, and you can contact all of your guests in just a few clicks. Save time, save trees, and save your sanity: sign up with Glö and start making your whole invitation process easier.