These ARE the cupcakes you're looking for and other nerdy wedding reader photos

By on Feb. 4th

Star Wars cupcakes. Funfetti cake prepared and decorated by friends using Williams Sonoma Star Wars cupcake picks. Star Wars prints by Handz shop on Etsy. Photo by William Mahone Photography

You know what was waiting for us this week in our Flickr pool? A lot of awesome wedding nerdiness, that's what! I'm talking not only this awesome Star Wars-themed cupcake display, but Lord of the Rings bridal accessories, LEGO boutonnieres, and geeky Save the Dates.

This is the fabulous couple behind the Star Wars cupcakes, doing their version of American Gothic.

View of 2 completed and 1 in progress Lego Tech Deck skateboard boutonniere with suppliesTina (of DIY shoe clip fame) is now working on LEGO boutonnieres. Her instructions:

Glue pinback to back of a Tech Deck skateboard (technically the top). Tie ribbon in knot around bottom. Use fishing line or clear wire through upper deck holes to hold LEGO figure on (to be released into child captivity after party).

LOTR Accessories

Photo copyright Life Photography by Mary Beth.

Check out Jasmine's Lord of the Rings-inspired bridal headpiece from BeasleyWonders on Etsy and her perfectly appropriate Evenstar pendant.

8290163652-1Tribesmaid mallory.smith7 has, perhaps, the most subtle Doctor Who-themed Save the Dates ever. She and her husband made them at home with cardstock and glue sticks, and a little inspiration from the Impossible Astronaut episode.

Super save the dateTribesmaid Krisken9 also got herself some awesomely geeky Save the Dates in comic book-style.

Even our Clicky Links are nerdy…

So whatchu got for me next week Offbeat Bride readers? More geeky wedding awesomeness? More crafty projects? More of your wonderful invitations? I wanna see! Submit your photos to the Offbeat Bride Flickr Pool. (Oh, and don't forget to credit your photographer!)

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