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Free Valentine's Day printables from Love vs Design (with bonus link for V-Day haters)

By on Feb. 8th


It's no secret that I'm making sweet eyeball love to Love vs Design's stuff these days. Their wedding invitation designs sorta crept up on me from out of nowhere and I've been crazy digging on their stuff. In fact, I'm scheming with them right now to get some of their designs included with our free wedding websites! But I'm actually not here to talk about their wedding invitation designs (although if you're in the market, you should totally check them out).

Today I'm just sharing a link to their FREE Valentine's Day printables, which you can totally print at home to give to your sweetie. If you like that whole vintage Valentine vibe, these are pretty much poking you in the butt right now, being like "Download me, download me. It's free":

Valentines Day Darling Card

PS: If you're a member of the anti-Valentine's Day crowd, I have some suggestions for you on how you can hack the whole holiday to make it be your bitch and do your bidding: Get over hating Valentine's Day, and start culture jamming.