Ask your destination venue for help finding fun local favors

By on Feb. 6th

Photo by Aditi Garg

Stephanie and Chris had an amazing destination wedding in Honduras, and one of the challenges was finding location-specific trinkets that would work as favors. Thankfully, Stephanie was able to ask the resort for help and found lots of fun items:

Enjoli was one of the ladies from Paya Bay that really helped pull the reception together. She helped me get local trinkets like coconut candies, magnets made from old tin roofs, cigars, and bracelets, which I put into gift bags that I made out of leftover fabric from my dress.

So if you're looking for a local flair to your destination wedding favors, don't forget to check in with your venue to see what they recommend. You could end up with a kick-ass bag of goodies.

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