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Chunky heels to avoid that sinking feeling

By on Feb. 15th

May 1996I've heard women older than me say it, and now it's my turn: you KNOW you're getting older when trends you remember from your early 20s start looping back around again.

Witness: chunky heels. It's totally happening. And I totally remember when it happened before. So much so that when an Offbeat Bride on Facebook suggested doing a post about chunky wedding heels, I was like, "There it is. The death knell of my youth. This is really happening. Chunky heels."

You guys, as proof of this, I present to you this photo of me on my 21st birthday, rocking some amazing white plastic chunky heels…

Now, almost 17 years later, here we are and chunky heels are back. Maybe not quite that same style (although, I don't know… if anybody could make those shoes look contemporary and awesome, it's one of you), but there are TONS of other chunky-heeled shoes that are kicking ass these days.

I probably don't have to tell you that chunky heels have the advantage when it comes to both NOT sinking into the grass at an outdoor wedding and not making your feet feel like they've run through Dante's 7th level of hell (that's Violence). The shoes in this post are all from Modcloth, and you guys know how things go with them… they have cool stuff, but they don't stock a ton of shoes in each style, so click fast and get 'em while you can.

Random bonus shoe

John Fluevog Women's Blanc Ankle Boot