A dapper as hell groom and his super chic posse

By on Feb. 1st

Can we just take a second and talk about this groom's ensemble? From the top: kick-ass plugs, mini-handlebar mustache, AWESOME striped bow tie, pink chambray shirt (from Propercloth), and of course, a fabulous suit from one of our favorite vendors for grooms and dapper brides, Duchess ClothierThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them. The groom, Mike, and his bride Missy planned a vintage carnival-style wedding, and I can see how this group fit the bill.

The groom all ready to go

Here's a close-up of the tie, mustache, and plugs. He's looking super smart with that big boutonniere, too.

Wedding Portraits

Ooh, and here we get to see the shoes and the rest of the groomsmen. I LOVE that they didn't match, but somehow look totally in-sync with touches of pink and red. We're working on getting Missy and Mike to submit a wedding profile to satisfy our appetite for MOAR awesome fashion. In the meantime, here's a peek at their Flickr set.