Gift "play-along-at-home kits" to family and friends who can't make the wedding

By on Feb. 22nd


Our Offbeat Intern, Liz, had an amazing idea that she made happen at her handmade well-armed wedding: a play-along-at-home kit!

The concept is that you send out a care package of sorts to any family or friends who can't make the wedding. It could contain an invite, a favor, activity books, your program, and in Liz's case, a "ticket" to log in and watch the ceremony live-streamed. Anyone who can't make it can still feel like they were a part of your day, with a tangible gift to remember it by.

Liz and her groom Kevin took it one step further and made it into an actual game:

We ordered game boxes and resurfaced some Scrabble boards with Mod Podge into a "game board" and put little pieces in. We then added the favors (dinosaur temporary tattoos, wacky placemats, mini four-packs of Star Wars crayons, twenty-sided dice, popcorn, and the tickets to log on to the live-streaming.