The happiest gay lumberjack wedding ever


I got completely immersed in the photos sent from Kristen Marie Photography, and was cheering along with the guests (you'll see what I mean when you get there). She described Keith and Corianton's Leavenworth, Washington wedding as "lumberjack chic," which is just fantastic. It took place in August 2012 with summer camp/scouting influences, talent shows, tubing down a river, log cutting, and the happiest faces ever. Seriously, just start looking.







































To see the photos that I didn't snag for this post, head on over to Kristin Marie's blog post. Bonus: Keith and Cori were able to make their Washington marriage legal in December at their local courthouse! Win.

  1. The photo of them with the streamer/confetti stuff falling around them took my breath away! That is a beautiful moment caught on film.

    The wedding looked like so much fun!

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  2. Love Leavenworth and after this last election, I really love WA:-) Congrats to the adorable couple!

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  3. This lumber jack theme in the mountains is magical. Love that they celebrated surrounded by such beautiful scenery.

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  4. Looks like the perfect day. I <3 the Northwest

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  5. You weren't kidding about the happy faces. And the black and white photo near the top–can a person die of sweetness?–I love it!

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    • Right?! The cheering photos had me bouncing around in my seat.

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  6. This is amazing! I tried to pitch a "Girl Scout" camp-y wedding to my fiance, but he didn't buy it. These guys are my wedding soulmates!

  7. So, I just need to zone in on what I assume is the "Congrats, you're now married!" photo, of them jumping in the air, right after the confetti kiss. Good lord, I don't know if I've ever seen a happier couple. And tubing?! At a wedding?! I. Am. So. Jealous.

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  8. All of the happy is making me tear up…congrats guys!

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  9. Aaew, that's so sweet. I nearly teared up… Nearly mind you. I want to take pictures at a transgender wedding. Too bad I live in Texas… Yeah.

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  10. A gay lumberjack wedding. If only I'd been invited, my life would have been complete by now.

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  11. I don't know these guys at all, but I am SO jealous I wasn't invited!

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  12. Oh my goodness this made me so happy! It seems so genuine and joy filled! I just love their luberjack-esque manifestation of love!!!!

  13. This wedding looks like so much fun and happiness! Congrats! I had a huge smile on my face the entire time, the pictures really bring across the joy and fun.

  14. I heart this!! Such a beautiful wedding, and you can tell the grooms adore each other.

  15. the accordion! the socks! the pretzels! When are you going to pester them about submitting the details. This wedding looks like it was so much fun, I want to read all about the happy day too!

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  16. Wow. This is the first time that wedding photos have made me cry. So beautiful.

  17. Oh, I'm not crying. I just have something in my eye(s). Heavens. This wedding… I want to hug it and everyone in it.

  18. This may be the happiest wedding I've ever seen. I literally teared up looking at the genuine happiness. How blessed to have friends who care so much for you.

  19. Love it all. They look so happy and the wedding looks like the prefect start to a marvelous adventure.

  20. Omg. PERFECTION!!! I LOVE THIS. Amazingly beautiful. Crying at work.

  21. Just GORGEOUS!! Love the 'I love gay love' can holders. Congrats to the handsome couple! x

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  22. I really want to know where they bought the ties/bowties…LOVE Them!

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  23. They are such a cute couple, they look so loved up and happy :-)

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  24. This has to be one of the most beautiful weddings, simply filled with raw emotion, I've ever had the privilege of seeing!

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  25. The shoulder-kiss tugged at my heartstrings the most- my partner is taller than me and I do that too, all the time. This really is the loveliest wedding to ever lovely.

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