Reader roundup: Offbeat Bride photos that we want to move into and never leave again

By on Jan. 21st

Hey there! It's Megan, your friendly Managing Editor. I'm stepping in and switching up the format of our long-beloved Monday Montage, re-framing it as our weekly "reader roundup." We'll talk more about that at the end. Right now, let's get to your photos!

Last week we saw Hayley's attendants in serious rainbow fashions, now here's her husband's crew. I loved Ariel's comment on this photo: "I want to move into this picture and never leave ever again."

You know, I kind of felt that way about ALL the photos y'all uploaded to our Flickr pool this week! Let's see who we're moving in with in this reader photo roundup…

I want to move to wherever this candy bar lives! Grant and Sam had a retro wedding complete with this "retro wedding sweety buffet" featuring old-school sweets from their childhood… and Mr & Mrs Potato Head!

Kasia & Bartek, Edinburgh 2011Fuck, I'm loving Kasia and Bartek's matching bride and groom 'tudes coming at me all the way from Edinburgh.

20121201_0798Ooh lookie! Flickr member PortraitsofGrace uploaded a photo of a male and female flower girl! You know how much we love when gentlemen rock the petals.

Shoes, Flowers, Garters, Program and Hand Made Ring BoxesWell, isn't this the geek girl-iest bunch of wedding accoutrements you've ever seen? These are Flickr member TrendSetterMom's shoes, flowers, garters, Star Wars-themed program and hand-made ring boxes, one of which looks like it's branded with the Galactic Republic symbol!

The Bride and her Minions…And just look at the lovely ladies behind TrendSetterMom's girl Star Wars wedding. Pretty in purple and blue and pink — the lot of 'em.

StuntWeddingThankfully I got De Nueva PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them to explain this daredevil wedding photo:

After climbing up the ladder to the Star Wars theme, they said their vows and then they jumped off a 30 foot platform into a huge blue air cushion to literally take the leap together! There's a stunt studio workshop thing in Brooklyn that arranged the whole thing.

And yes, we're hoping they submit their wedding ASAP!

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So, what would y'all like to see more or less of each week in our Reader Roundup? I know that we want to see more of YOU! So, submit your photos to the Offbeat Bride Flickr Pool. (Oh, and don't forget to credit your photographer!)