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Rainbow shoes for a full-spectrum wedding day

By on Jan. 25th

Jeffrey Campbell Str8up Rainbow MultiOk, ok. I really am just about done with my ongoing rainbow shoes series, but a few weeks ago a reader suggested I cap it off with a post about RAINBOW shoes and… you know, I just can't resist an opportunity to do a post about rainbow shoes.

I fully recognize that very VERY few of you would even CONSIDER wearing rainbow shoes, but for the three of you who are still with me here in my own technicolor full-spectrum fever dream (Justin Timberlake is that you? I love your pajamas. And is this your pet sloth!? LET'S DANCE!), let's put on our rainbow platforms and get ridiculous.

(For the rest of you, the lovely $53 vintage-styled bonus shoe might be worth a peek.)

Irregular Choice - Chica Chola (Rainbow) - Footwear

Tecnica - Moon Boot Rainbow (Blue) - Footwear
iron fist
Loafer the Rainbow Wedge
Rainbow Where You Please Heel

ray it ain't so flatform

Chica Chica Boom - Gold

Random bonus shoe

Elaborate Elegance Pink Pumps