Dinosaur topiaries and punk rock shoes at this museum wedding


Devon and Faith had their wedding at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, which meant lots of dinosaur and prehistoric details (including dino topiaries!). Faith wore an amazing black gown, sexy mesh booties, and birdcage veil. The ceremony was officiated by Devon's father and was held in front of the museum's dinosaur display. It also included an a capella version of Pixie's "Velouria." Jessica Schilling Photography captured all of the fun details and shared it with us.




















For more photos from this museum wedding, head on over to Jessica Schilling's blog post.

  1. This is amazing!!! I adore the dino topiary and much respect for including the mighty pixies

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    • Thank you! We both love the Pixies! We didn't want to use a "typical" wedding song! Not our style! :)

  2. I HAVE to know where this dress is from!

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  3. There is so much awesome in this wedding! If I wasn't halfway thru planning I'd totally steal this theme:)

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    • Thanks! This means a lot to me! Devon & I planned the entire wedding ourselves! No wedding planner! We have some really great friends who helped made our day amazing!

  4. Everything looks wonderful! The Kohaku dragon/Spirited Away cake!! And dinosaurs!! I think I just swooned.

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    • Haha! Thanks! When we showed the cake decorator pictures, she looked at us like we were crazy!

    • Thanks! My advice to anyone getting married is always go with your gut feeling! If you want to wear a blue dress, do it! Traditions are like rules! They are meant to be broken! I have no regrets at ALL! But I'm also a girl who knows what she wants!

  5. omg this is so fun! i think this is exactly how ross gellar should have had his wedding to rachel greene. :) i think the dino topiary centerpiece is my favorite.

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  6. Okay, so who's going to make me some of those dinosaur topiaries? Because HONESTLY.

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    • Haha! I want to know that too! ALL of our topiaries were gone by the end of the night!

  7. I love the cake with the makkurokurosuke ( little night-black blackies). My favourite little characters from ghibli studio…

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    • Thanks to everyone who commented on our cake! Jay's Catering in Garden Grove, Ca made the cake! Our concept was a last second inspiration, hurriedly scrawled on a napkin. Showing them Spirit Away pictures from cellphones. They did a great job of making it come to life.

    And you're so farkin' gorgeous!!!
    *foam at mouth*

  9. Who made the dino topiaries? Did you do it yourself or was it a florist?

    • E&J Floral Creations in Los Angeles, Ca created the dino topiaries! Ester did an amazing job carrying out our crazy vision!

  10. Oh gosh, I missed this the first time around. LOVE EVERYTHING…the dress, the shoes, the cake, the dinosaurs. Amazing!

  11. Daphne!!! Its been ages! I just googled you since I was wondering about you and the 20 year reunion is coming up! This wedding looks amazing and you are still the same stylish fashionista I remember!! You are simply gorgeous! Congrats on your marriage!!! Leticia

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