3 things to be sure to include in your Save the Dates

Guestpost by kristenbyers on Jan. 17th

Chalk and Black Paper Save the Date Cards

Our Save the Date postcards turned out pretty well, and I have received many compliments. But if I could do them all over again, I would do a few things differently.

Here are the three things we should have included on our save the date postcards:

1. Our return address.

I guess postcards don't usually have a return address, and we didn't include them on ours. At first we were blissfully unaware that some of our postcards might not get delivered. This is becoming an issue as I find out that a few friends and relatives did not receive their postcards (and one woman who received a bridal shower invitation never received her save the date postcard prior to the shower invite, so she was really confused — yikes!).

2. "Formal invitation to follow."

As silly as this sounds, some people thought that this postcard was their actual invitation. I thought it was pretty clear that it was just a note to save the date, but apparently you can never spell things out TOO much.

3. The wedding location.

I didn't think it was necessary to include this detail since there is TONS of location information available on our wedding website, but people are still confused. I think this might have something to do with the photo that we used of the two of us kissing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. (My fiance and I live in New York, and we flew our photographer out here to shoot our engagement photos. However, the wedding is in Michigan.)

So, return address, formal invitation to follow, and location… what information are you including on YOUR save the dates?

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