Do group yoga on your wedding day

Guestpost by morganculture on Jan. 29th
Getting some bridal yoga attention.

Getting some bridal yoga attention. (Photo courtesy of Morgan Culture.)

A wedding day can be stressful or hectic — people you may not have seen in a while, people you have seen who have different ideas of how your wedding should be, details to coordinate, vendors to manage, being emotional in front of people with your sweetie, and so many other potential stressors. A great way to set the tone for the day and bond with select people is to do a group (or even individual/couple) yoga before your ceremony!

We had a small destination wedding (19 guests) and our friendficciant's wife, Tracy, had led the first yoga class I'd ever attended (I'm now an addict). We requested she lend her talents to our wedding and teach a relaxing morning yoga class on the beach for all of us the day of the wedding!

We decided to not do the class on the beach in order to make a more solid surface for those who hadn't done yoga before. A generally unused porch area at our resort served to protect us from the hot sun.

Almost EVERY guest attended the pre-wedding yoga — even those who hadn't ever done it before! Tracy taught a general beginner class, and those of us more advanced added our modifications to each move.

I found the class to be a beautiful relaxing time where I got to bond with my friends and family. Nobody felt self-conscious about trying yoga for the first time (I did a verbal survey later), and Jon and I even got special bridal yoga attention from Tracy, who adjusted us specially during the class.

My body felt relaxed, my blood was flowing, and my mind felt prepared for the day. The class set the tone in a way I can't imagine anything else could.

If you don't have any friends attending who teach yoga, maybe you could work out a trade with a local yoga studio (offering some volunteer hours after the wedding or something) or even get a DVD and a projector so you can follow along with a group.

As an alternative for those less physically inclined, maybe do a group meditation time led by someone who can cater to those of different beliefs and practices in your group.

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