Use the glass-clinking tradition as peace-keeping hack

Guestpost by Blueness on Jan. 3rd
Mason jar wine glasses

Your mason jar wine glass can be your secret weapon with this glass-clinking hack. Photo by Adrienne Hunter

The more I think about the glass clinking tradition, the more I think I may use it as a tactic for peace-keeping.

The wedding will be the first time my folks meet his, and there is a good chance they will not be the best of friends. My side is very left wing, political, outspoken, Jewish but non-religious, and embracing of alcohol. His side is right wing, also political and outspoken, quite Christian, and do not drink. If I notice conversations are getting heated, I will be clinking away so that:

  1. Yay kissing!
  2. People shut up and remember why we are there.

I likely will be the biggest clinker at the wedding.