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Get married in purple shoes

By on Jan. 11th

destiny shoe by paris hilton

Because you'll look like a purple-heeled bombshell. Why? Because you'll look like royalty. Why? Because you'll look like a surreal circus freak.

As you can see, we've featured a LOT of purple-footed brides over the years, so it makes perfect sense that I'd take some time to dabble in purple shoes.

These range from the prettiest pale lilac to the deepest almost-blue, from $40 to $1400, completely flat to towering tall. But they're all purple.

And they're all awesome (especially the ones with the de-socketed eyeballs!)

Gabriella Rocha - Ginger (Purple Suede Leather) - Footwear
Miz Mooz - Petal (Purple) - Footwear
rsvp - Cailyn (Purple) - Footwear
BC Footwear - Hit The Sauce (Purple) - Footwear
Irregular Choice - Hove Actually (Purple) - Footwear
Giuseppe Zanotti - I26094 (Purple) - Footwear
Promiscuous - Rory (Purple) - Footwear
Giuseppe Zanotti - E30130 (Cam Paulia) - Footwear
Miz Mooz - Scarlett (Purple) - Footwear
Destiny - Purple Satin
Buffy - Lilac
Oh No Platform - Purple
Bachata - Purple
My Darling - Midnight Satin
McGillionare - Purple

Random bonus shoe!

Abigails Party - Silver