Fuck yeah, kale bouquets

By on Jan. 7th

There seems to be a lot of people talking about kale bouquets lately, as if it's some sort of recent and possibly ridiculous wedding trend. Are you kidding me? We're here to say they've been around for years and they've been awesome for years. Not only did we feature the amazing kale bouquet shown in the photo above back in early 2009, but the bouquet is freaking GORGEOUS!

Lest you think kale bouquets are only the domain of eco-brides and vegans… Lemme just point out that the bride who rocked this amazing kale bouquet back in 2009 served bacon-wrapped goat cheese-stuffed dates and grilled octopus while she danced to Punk Rock Girl with her mother!

Can we get past the idea of kale being some sort of trend and focus on the fact that, yes, it might be a veggie, but it's beautiful as hell! I once almost adopted a head of kale, mistaking it for a pretty house plant, before I realized it was lettuce and I didn't have a garden.

I say, get your freaky kale on, ladies and gentlemen. Here's some more kale-spiration for ya…

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