You are TOTALLY invited to view this adorable slideshow wedding invitation

By on Jan. 23rd

Official Invitation

Inspired by an Offbeat Bride post, readers Kelly and Clark utilized their Flickr account to create this adorable, silly, and incredibly well-executed slideshow wedding invitation.

Kelly explains…

We took the idea of slideshow invitations from Ann Marshall's RIDICULOUSLY PERFECT sculpted dinosaur invites and put our own twist on it to fit our personalities. Using Flickr as a way to send them easily via the internet.

Guests received a personalized email, which contained only a single slide/image in the same style as the rest of the invite, reading "You Are TOTALLY invited. (click me)" that was hyperlinked to the Flickr slideshow.

You can either click here to view the slideshow invite on Flickr, or just hit "play" below:

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