AND MY AXE: Nerd up your vows with a little audience participation

LAWL! Photo by Lulu Photos

Secretly getting some pals to help you out with your vows can add a laugh to an otherwise butterfly-tummy situation. Jessica and Jacob took this route and added in some of their favorite geek references for good measure. Check out this snippet from the end of their vows:

Him: I vow to always sing you Soft Kitty when you are sick. But only when you are sick.
Her: I promise that if a strange man in a blue Police Box tries to take me away, I will insist that you tag along.
Him: I promise that you will always have my sword.
Her: And you will always have my bow.
(Chorus of nerds:) AND MY AXE!

What other group participation could work in your vows? Let us know what ideas you have in the comments!

  1. Love! Would like to end our ceremony with a nice, nerdy "so say we all!"

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    • We are asking our audience to say this in a "Declaration of Support" portion of the ceremony.

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  2. My son will give me away, I think when the official says "Who gives this lady?" my son will reply with "Uh, have you met my mom?" or "One does not simply give my mother away."

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  3. When I read the 'and you will have my bow' part, my immediate next thought was 'AND MY AXE!' I hadn't even read the next line yet.

    I howled with laughter and my husband wanted know what so funny. I read this post out loud to my husband and he said the 'axe' line, just like I had. I guess we're well matched.

    Now we wanna get married again and get all of our friends involved. This is SUCH a great idea.

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  4. Though it wasn't part of the vows, my dad did an audience participation thing for his toast. He started with the "Mawwige. Mawwige is wat bwings us togever, today", but then asked everyone to call out things that they wished for us. We heard everything from babies, to long life, health, wealth, happiness, and a few others. It was really nice to have that kind of communal wishing with his toast.

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    • Princess Bride is the best!!! We are lucky enough that our preacher has a great sense of humor. We asked and he agreed to start the ceremony with the Mawwiage speech only saying it straight. My fiancée and I are so excited to see how many people get the joke.

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  5. Audience participation = Rocky Horror! I'd have to really think about it to be sure it stays PG…

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  6. One of our favorite performers at the Maryland Renaissance Festival does a bit in between songs where he administers the "pirate oath". As he states, "Raise your right hand and repeat after me" the entire crowd responds "After me!"

    When my two best friends got married, they incorporated this bit into their vows. When their officiant told them to "repeat after me", all of the guests shouted back "After me!"

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