When Adventure Time, Zelda, and Minecraft collide with wedding invitations…

By on Jan. 2nd

VW6PyCZdes_OTtIg2--IBgXr8d5JIptucyRo-lHE55QI'm a HUGE Adventure Time fan, so clearly Tribesmaid Elixia's wedding logo is my favorite. But if you like Adventure Time, Mine Craft, Zelda, and other geeky wonderful things, then you're going to be even bigger fans of their entire wedding invitation suite…


Elixia explains:

The invitations were all drawn and designed by me… I tried to incorporate mine and Stu's style of drawing, AND as many of our geeky interests possible! I know a lot of our closest friends will get most of the references, and everyone who doesn't can enjoy the aesthetics regardless.

Now who can identify all the geeky references?

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