Boogie on down to Scratch Weddings to find your dream wedding DJ

By on Dec. 11th

Remember our sponsor Scratch Weddings — the DJ service that's like cake tasting, but for your wedding DJ? For those who don't remember, Scratch Weddings provides the most highly skilled and screened wedding DJs for couples nationwide. Basically it's a dream service that offers a crazy number of choices when it comes to finding the perfect wedding DJ based on your individual style, taste in music, and vision for your event.

Scratch Weddings has some MAJOR street cred. They're part of Scratch Music Group, a music and technology company that's the nation's leader in DJ booking, technology and music education. Scratch Music Group also includes Scratch Events, which provides DJ talent for some of the most influential brands in the world, and Scratch DJ Academy, the world's leading DJ-learning center, co-founded with, oh, you know, the late great Jam Master Jay of freaking Run DMC.

But let's talk about WHY Scratch Weddings is the best place to get your wedding DJ…

Scratch is super convenient for our fabulous offbeat couples (any musical tastes need apply!). All the Scratch weddings DJs have experience spinning at not only weddings, but festivals, concerts, lounges, and various types of events. Which means they can pretty much execute ANY musical vision for the night.

Scratch Weddings is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

My favorite part is the way they ease your mind when it comes to the fears of hiring a wedding DJ:

  • No dreaded "cheesy wedding DJ": Scratch puts all of its DJs through a 10-step screening process.
  • Dedicated music manager: Scratch's coordinator is the vital liaison between you, the wedding DJ and the venue, ensuring every issue is resolved and every request is met.
  • 72 hour "change of plans" refund policy: If you change your mind within three days of signing your contract, you receive a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

Scratch Weddings DJs are experts at reading the crowd and building energy on the dance floor by mixing and blending tunes that not only appeal to your taste but those of your guests. No matter which Wedding Scratch DJ you choose, you'll be getting a customized playlist based on your musical taste and vision.

Scratch Weddings offers the most affordable and experienced DJs in the industry who'd love to help you pick the right songs for your wedding. I think your search for the right DJ ends now. So if it's important to you that you dance all night with your guests, then hook up with Scratch Weddings.

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