A Nigerian ceremony, lip-trembling first looks, and some amazing hair

By on Dec. 24th

Tribesmaid Revedehautbois and her groom Olawale had a traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony that included these amazing outfits (and gorgeous fan). This photo was a great find in the Offbeat Bride Tribe, and that wasn't all there was to see. The Tribe, Pinterest, and the Offbeat Flickr pool were totally kind to us this holiday week. Enjoy!


Tribesmaid Kwurstner's dad gets a face full of bubbles courtesy of her maid of honor. Photo by Maryann Bates

1st look

I'm pretty sure I got excited just from looking at this photo. So much adorable anticipation! And do I spy a Cyberoptix tie?


Tribesmaid Flameinbloom makes us all verklempt with her sweet first look. Photo by meggieleigh Photo


It wasn't all sincerity and tears, though. That wedding party also knows how to own silliness. Photo by meggieleigh Photo


This photo was captioned "priorities." HA! With all this emotion going on, maybe a little nip is a good idea. Photo by Mathy Shoots People

Hair Detail

Kat's hair is giving me chills: gilded butterflies and dragonflies, purple streaks, curls, and peacock feathers. Be still my heart. Photo by Willow Chandler


Tribesmaid Callmebecks gave her guests a humorous checklist of well wishes and some guest libs. Photo by Stellar Photo


Ooh, and she had another take of the awesome "So you're going to sit through a wedding" program! Funs all over the place. Photo by Stellar Photo

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