Coordinate your bridesmaids with matching purses

By on Dec. 26th

Krista wanted to give her bridesmaids a coordinating item that wasn't a dress, so she opted for matching purses and brooches. Here was Krista's scheme:

I told the girls to pick any dress that they wanted to wear to the wedding as long as it was black and to also coordinate between themselves what brightly coloured shoes they wanted to wear.

Once the girls got their shoes, I started working on their clutches. I coordinated a different brooch and pattern to match their shoe colours.

Krista made each of these herself. You can purchase clutch frames at places like Etsy and Amazon, and tutorials abound on YouTube. Or you can buy them, of course. The best part is that your posse will be able to store the necessities (tissues, lippy, flask, etc.) while they accompany you down the aisle.

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