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Brain-boggling wedding shoes from Jeffrey Campbell

By on Dec. 7th

How many of you are familiar with Jeffrey Campbell? He's an LA-based shoe designer who's stuff ranges from the mildly funky all the way to just, like, wait — is this real life? What's even going on here? Is that meant to go on your foot? While his stuff may be way too out there for the vast majority (hell, I like loud/weird shoes and even I'm like buh wuh omguh?), if you're into it… YOU ARE INTO IT.

Today I'mma take a peek at some of my favorite Jeffrey Campbell ranging from flats to towering platforms to flatforms, all from everyone's favorite underground cult online shoe store, Solestruck. For those of you who know Solestruck, you know they have an intense cult following and their styles don't stay in stock — if you see something you like, snap it up quick before it's gone!

Random bonus shoe