Have a green thumb? Grow your own bouquet

By on Dec. 21st

Bouquet from Mom's garden

Tribesmaid Blossum's home-grown bouquet. Photo by Snickerdoodle

We've seen flowers, paper flowers, brooches, buttons, and even rubber chickens in the bouquets of Offbeat Brides. But if you're really into DIY, there's nothing more home-grown than flowers from your own garden. Tribesmaid Cinmngrl and her groom are avid gardeners, so it just made sense to grow their wedding flowers at home.

Here's what they decided to grow:

  • Sweet Peas (soaked overnight)
  • Peony Poppies (in well-weeded composted ground)
  • Paper Moon Scabiosa (scattered around)
  • Assorted Tulips (chilled for one month)

She is planning for these flowers (and some she already has growing) to make six boutonnieres, two bridesmaid bouquets, and one bridal bouquet. May the good growing weather be ever in your favor, Cinmngrl, and totally update us when they're all on display!

For everyone else: if your thumb is greener than mine is, maybe this is your solution to a very personal and meaningful bouquet.