Break the dance floor ice with an instructor-led group dance

By on Dec. 27th
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Photo by Joel Martin

Sometimes the dance floor is hopping, and sometimes… well, it's not. If you want to make sure the dance floor gets going, you can hire a dance instructor to teach everyone a simple dance. You may even know someone in your circle who would be up for the job. Everyone who wants to join in can learn a new dance and get people feeling comfortable busting a move. Plus, anyone who doesn't want to dance (or can't) gets a great show.

At Kristy and Kevin's wedding (above), they hired a dance instructor to show everyone a few moves. The consensus was that "everyone laughed a lot." Win.


Photo by Joleen Willis

Lara's mother is a belly dance teacher, so they did a Bollywood dance in place of a "couples dance" to get the dance floor going. See more from Lara and Matt's musical forest wedding.

(And if you want to skip dancing completely, we've got you covered there, too: check out our no dancing alternatives!)

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