DIY Bride: an antidote for do-it-yourself overload

By on Dec. 4th

For those of us who love our DIY projects, they can be very fulfilling and/or very frustrating at times. To lighten the mood during those times when the projects may be crashing and burning or you're just DIYed out, Mikala Bierma (of "Disappointing Gay Best Friend" fame) has you covered. Check out her "DIY Bride" satirical vids on Youtube, including the stamp invitation fiasco.

If you're looking for more DIY levity after say, you bedazzled yourself to your veil, you can always LOL at some vomit blob cake pops and Offbeat Families' burgeoning big archive of DIY fails including '80s-themed goop, Merry Prankster bus, and not-so-perfect crayons. Because seriously, sometimes the best stories come from DIY gone rogue.

We LOVE DIY fails, so if you've run amok in your crafting, we want to know about it, and promise not to laugh too much.

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