Make these custom chalkboard mugs for your wedding party

Guestpost by Lauranette on Dec. 11th

I was totally stumped about what to get our wedding party as "thank you" gifts for helping us out on our wedding day. I mean, nothing I found was going to say thank you quite the way I want. After a lot of thinking, and probably too many hours on Pinterest, I settled on an idea I thought was fun… chalkboard mugs.

Here's how I pulled these off…

I got some sturdy glass mugs (you can find these at the local dollar store or Goodwill), and some chalkboard paint.

WARNING: Not all chalkboard paint sticks to glass, so check the label before you buy. I used Valspar Chalkboard paint, several layers of it, and it seemed to work okay, but because it's not technically for glass, I'm not sure how durable it will be over the long haul. Looking back, chalkboard spray paint would have been more smooth – the brush strokes made it harder to write on the glasses.

I painted the midsection of each glass using painter's tape as a guide. Waiting an appropriate amount of time between each coat (going off the label), I put about six layers on each glass until they felt pretty sturdy. In retrospect, I would have used some sandpaper or something to rough up the smooth glass, and to help the paint stick better, but it still worked without that.

After 48 hours, I tested the chalk and was pleasantly surprised how well it worked, considering the paint I got wasn't guaranteed to stick on glass.

I put the chalkboard mugs wrapped in tissue paper, along with candy and a pack of chalk in each box. And voila! Gifts everyone seemed to love. The idea was that they could write whatever they wanted on the glasses and carry them around with them on the night of the wedding.

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