Turtle Love now has special wedding ring engraving, engagement rings, and the BEST necklace gifts ever

By on Nov. 9th

A "just in time for the holidays" announcement from our long-time sponsors at Turtle Love: they have new and exciting wedding ring engraving to show you!

Turtle Love is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Since they became a sponsor (way back in March 2009!), the Turtle Love crew has been listening to Offbeat Brides and curating their collection of jewelry in response to your requests and suggestions.

Turns out that over the years, you guys have made MANY requests for engraving wedding rings. So… they listened and got themselves a fancy ring engraving machine. Her name is Myrtle. Word is that she makes really endearing robot singing noises while she engraves! How sweet. AND they've taught Myrtle some new tricks that she hopes will impress you…

Myrtle can engrave things in your handwriting on the inside of a recycled gold wedding ring. (Of course, if you want a simple script, serif, or sans serif font for your wedding band engraving, Turtle Love can do that too!)

So: Inside jokes? Princess Bride quotes? Sappy stuff? All you have to do is write it down and send the text or images to Turtle Love. Then Myrtle will get to work on your rings!

Beyond engraving, Turtle Love's vintage engagement ring collection is super-popular with the Offbeat Brides. Vintage ring prices range from $500 to $3000, and the Turtle Love crew personally selects each piece for style and quality. Plus, they understand that it can be difficult to buy a one-of-a-kind vintage ring sight unseen, so the 30-day return and exchange policy has you covered in case your vintage ring just isn't "you" when you meet in person.

OH AND! Turtle Love is SO excited about Maine marriage equality, that they're giving away two vintage engagement rings to one lucky couple. Here's the info:

TurtleLove.com is VERY proud and excited about the marriage equality vote in Maine, and we're giving away two vintage engagement rings to one happy couple.

Entrants should send their story and a photo to love@turtleloveco.com by December 6, 2012 and the winner will be announced on December 10.

Full contest rules are available at turtleloveco.com/rules.

Finally, gift-giving season is nearly upon us and Turtle Love has been developing a new line of necklaces that we LOVE. They have the sweetest letter necklaces we've seen anywhere, mom and baby elephant necklaces, duck necklaces, state necklaces, and new dinosaur necklaces!

Seriously though, holiday season is upon us now. So even if you don't need to give Myrtle the engraver a job, you might want to poke around Turtle Love and see what you can find for your loved ones.

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