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What's up, Ruchebags? Pretty vintage-styled wedding accessories

By on Nov. 7th

True Adulation Pearl GlovesI've already had several prior sessions of ogling Ruche's stuff — their super affordable wedding dresses, their classy and cute wedding shoes — but today I think I'm going to spend some time with their accessories.

Part of wanting to spend some time with them is just that the pictures are so dang pretty. So pretty, in fact, that we here at Offbeat Bride have coined a name for Ruche's very particular aesthetic: Ruchebag styling. It's vintage-y, romantic, and has a super shallow depth of field. (Look at how, in that gloves picture to the left, the gloves are all crisp and in focus, and the bride is all gently fuzzy. Ahhhh. DEPTH OF FIELD EYEGASM.) It's just so dang pretty. I want to look at Ruche's stuff all day long, even though my tastes normally run less classic/vintage/understated and more loud and obnoxious.

So, my little Ruchebags. For those of you whose tastes run more classic, vintage, and understated (although some of Ruche's headpieces are QUITE daring), let's bathe in this prettiness together. Today is all about accessories like fascinators, veils, headbands, necklaces, and clutches.

As always with these things, click the pictures for more information…

Ever Mine Ivory Fascinator

Ever Mine ivory fascinator $42.99

Sweet Scallops Ivory Veil

Sweet scallops ivory veil: $54.99

Treasured Traditions Ivory Headwrap

Treasured Traditions Ivory Headwrap: $65.99

Neverending Bliss Ivory Headband

Neverending bliss ivory headband: $54.99

To The Moon Necklace In Gold

To The Moon Necklace In Gold: $36.99

Eternal Bond Flower Necklace

Eternal Bond Flower Necklace: $48.99

Close Embrace Jacket

Close embrace jacket $124.99

Sweeping Waltz Capelet

Sweeping Waltz Capelet: $48.99

Glittering Admiration Sash

Glittering Admiration Sash: $66.99

Fluttering Joy Clutch In Beige

Fluttering Joy Clutch In Beige: $49.99

Random bonus Rouche wedding shoes!

Oldie But Goodie Heels

Oldie But Goodie Heels: $108.99

If you're totally freaking out over this stuff, you should probably just head over and look at Ruche's Bridal Lookbook.

Ruche Bridal Fall 2012