Your top 10 wedding invitations from

By on Nov. 28th

Lucky in Love Wedding Invitations

This design didn't quite make the top 10, but it's one of my personal favorites.

I do this a couple of times a year: I go peeking at the sales reports of what Offbeat Brides are buying from so that I can see which wedding invitation designs you guys are loving. Why? Because you guys have fucking awesome taste, and I like to get inspired. So let's take a look at the wedding invitations that are floating y'all's boats this fall. Let's count down the 10 most popular designs.

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#10: Afterparty Wedding Invitations

Afterparty Wedding Invitations

#9: Block Print Waves Invitations

BLOCK PRINT WAVES Wedding Invitations

#8: Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination Wedding Invitations

#7: Bold Brackets Invitations

Bold Brackets Wedding Invitations

#6: Air Mail Invitations

Air Mail Wedding Invitations

#5: Under The Stars Invitations

Under the Stars Wedding Invitations

#4: You In Or What? Save The Dates

You In or What? Save the Date Cards

#3: Fling Save The Dates

Fling Save the Date Cards

#2: Fall Carving Invitations

Fall Carving Wedding Invitations

And the #1 most popular design? Firefly Invitations

fireflies Wedding Invitations

As a reminder, you can always get 10% off Minted's designs by using coupon code OFFBEAT10.