The Sweetheart Shout Out wants to transform your semi-insane wedding theme into gorgeous wedding stationery

By on Nov 6th

Fess up: who's been lusting after The Sweetheart Shout Out's wedding invitations ever since that last time we featured them and their monthly giveaways? Well, our sweetheart sponsors are back, and this time they want to help you build a complete suite of invitations around your offbeat wedding themes.

The Sweetheart Shout Out is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Here's how it works: If you're looking for an easy way to build a cohesive wedding theme, The Sweetheart Shout Out has 26 different products available to match your visions. They offer everything from the typical invitations and cards, to hang tags, labels, stickers, escort and place cards, menus, programs, posters, canvas prints, logos and graphics, and more. ADDED BONUS: all their clients get unlimited revisions to make each piece perfect for them.

Wait until you see how they took this one couple's wedding ideas and made it into an amazing visual theme …

See that amazing invitation? That's a custom design The Sweetheart Shout Out just completed — do you guys not love this!? Here's how The Sweetheart Shout-Out worked with the couple to create this magicness:

The couple came to us wanting something woodsy without being the typical earth tones and understated graphics. They wanted something more Dr. Seuss-ian for the invitation, and they wanted a custom logo with monster hands, reminiscent of Comic-Con.

Oh, you know: just your usual forest-themed Dr. Seuss-crossed-with Comi-Con design? Yeah, you're not going to find that anywhere else. The Sweetheart Shout Out specialize in making this kind of Offbeat Bride polyglot theme into something beautiful, cohesive, and BLAMMO IN YOUR FACE.

And you know how I mentioned they don't just do invitations and save the dates? Yeah, feast your eyes on all this themed stuff:

Yep, that's what The Sweetheart Shout Out built for this couple, and that's how they can take your "we like rainbows and beer" wedding non-theme and craft it into a complete wedding theme that suddenly feels cohesive and gorgeous. Your wedding ideas might feel discordant, but once The Sweetheart Shout Out gang gets their mouses and brains on your visions, suddenly it will all make sense.

Oh, and don't forget about how these guys totally make wedding templates for the FREE wedding wedsites we offer with Alien-themed wedding websites? Yeah, they do that.

I mentioned it in the beginning, but it bears repeating: The Sweetheart Shout Out does monthly giveaways. So go enter for free stuff, and then start scheming how they could help you wrangle your crazy non-theme into an amazing visual cohesive invitation suite like this one.