A snowy kiss, punch card guest book, and some wicked pirates

By on Nov. 19th

Tribesmaid Christineff and her groom get romantic (and chilly) in the moonlight. What a dark and lovely way to start off the week, right? We've also lined up a cool guest book alternative involving computer punch cards, a Breaking Bad couples tattoo, and some pirates. Happy Monday to all and hopefully a short work week for those celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S.


Rosemary and Chris had access to a lifetime supply of punch cards courtesy of Rosemary's grandparents, so they used them for guest book entries. Photo by Garrison | McArthur


The punch cards in action! Photo by Garrison | McArthur

ari and christian's fall carnival wedding sideshow booth

Ari and Christian's carnival wedding had this awesome sideshow banner. We can't wait to see the rest of this wedding. Photo by Tiffany Steinke

Engagement tattoos

Tina and her groom got "50/50" engagement tattoos (a Breaking Bad reference!)

A dance in the castle while our fellow Brethren stand guard.

This photo! I can't even. Such an awesome shot of Tribesmaid Rennie2012 and her groom's first dance. Photo by The Nixons Photography and Design

My daughter and I showing off our pirate bloomers and boots.

Tribesmaid Rennie2012 and her daughter show off their pirate bloomers. Photo by The Nixons Photography and Design

Ice cream bar

Katie and Peter totally know how to kit out an ice cream toppings bar, as you can see.

magic kindom & yacht 201

Michelle and Immanuel's Disney wedding involved a big dip kiss and gorgeous blue details.


Amber and her groom perfectly match a red dress, a little steampunk, and Nerf weaponry into this shot and I totally approve.


Ooh, and here's Amber caught mid-DIY (in this case, handfasting cords!) in her Bridethulhu shirt. I also must find that Princess Bride mug.

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