A book sighting and a whole lot of lovey-dovey makeouts

By on Nov. 12th


It's been a while since we've seen a shot of Offbeat Bride the book! And these two ladies are awesomely retro, which doubles the fun. I would like to snag both of those pairs of sunglasses. But this week is going to take a slightly different turn. The Flickr Pool, Pinterest, and the Offbeat Bride Tribe were full of romance shots and K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Enjoy a little nuptial nookie in this week's Monday Montage.

I love Tribesmaid Physicsemily's purple streamers. So purty! Photo by Paul Blackfield Photography

Tribesmaid Ocelot and her groom find some gorgeous light and get romantic. And do her glasses match her dress? I do hope so! Photo by Hatcher Studio

Tribesmaid Bdancerk's groom has such a sweet look on his face. It's making me verklempt. Photo by Chloe Harvil

Kiss at wedding

Tribesmaid Selie's red gown and gloves are amazing… as is this snog! (You'll see the rest of this wedding soon!) Photo by the bride's sister

It's major sneaky makeout time in the back of the street car for Tribesmaid Sarah and her groom. Photo by Thomas Dagg

Ooh, Cali and Jerry from this awesome video invitation got married! Photo by a friend of the couple

Morgan (Tribesmaid Morganculture) and Jon share some sexy times in the ocean. Photo by Too Much Awesomeness

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