Glide through your wedding day like an athlete

By on Nov. 6th


Offbeat Bride reader Megan gave us a great tip to keep everything "running smoothly." To save your thighs, your feet, and any other chaffing spots from the road-rash of a big day of celebration, prep like an athlete! Rub on some BodyGlide — the skin lubricant that makes all the bustle less hassle.

Here's what Megan had to say:

You're likely going to be walking around a lot all day, and it might seem silly, but if you're worried about any kind of chaffing and heat, get some BodyGlide (runners use it) from a sporting goods store. The girls and I all used it and it saved our lives!

She's not wrong. Megan and Rusty's wedding is full of practical advice along with awesome whimsical inspiration. If you haven't checked out the archives you should go back and read it — and be sure to check the comments!

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