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Colorful wedding flats to keep your feet happy and your eyes twinkling

By on Nov. 30th

Freesia T-strap Flats By Seychelles

I can't go more than a couple months without doing a shoe post dedicated to wedding flats (you DO know about our archive of wedding flats posts, right?), so it's high time for some low-heeled shoes up in this mess.

Today I'm going to focus mostly on shoes from Ruche and Modcloth, because they're A) great styles and B) super affordable, with most of these under $50. I'm a firm believer that the higher heeled shouldn't get all the fun, so this flats are loud and daring — just like I like 'em.

Ready for some shoes that won't make you tower over your partner or hobble through your reception?

Let's do this.

Random bonus shoe!

Starry Night Super Plat - SlvrGlt