Cthulhu cake toppers, many pies, and some colorful details

By on Nov. 5th

Two white dresses, two red bouquets, and two huge grins: check! Justice and Tasha both look ecstatic after their ceremony. There was also some multicolored dresses, a wedding party in jewel-toned purple, playing cards in bouquets, and a rainbow of handfasting cords. It makes a dull Monday much brighter. Check out what our readers submitted to Pinterest, the Offbeat Bride Tribe, and the Flickr Pool this week.


Knitted Cthulhu cake toppers?! Ellen and Paul know what we (and all our bridethulhus) like. Bonus: we've seen Ellen in her own bridethulhu shirt here. Photo by Ann and Kam Photography


Ellen also had these super colorful handfasting cords that were made by her sister-in-law.

Katie-Jared-Wedding070712NMP-L 33

Katie and Jared had a board game-themed wedding with colorful playing cards. Photo by Nathan Mitchell Photography

Katie-Jared-Wedding070712NMP-L 20

They also had pie — lots of pie. And 'lots' is exactly the amount of pie I like at weddings. Photo by Nathan Mitchell Photography

first look kiss

Remy and Lina sneak a kiss during their first look. Who can resist? Photo © 2012 Knot Shots Photography

conga line

Ooh, and here's a good shot of a super relaxed Lina and the wedding party (carrying all kinds of fun stuff!). Photo by Knot Shots Photography


Kim and her groom used this little ampersand to add some charm to the good ol' shoe shot while renewing their vows.


I spotted one of Stephanie's bridesmaids in the Flickr Pool and had to share how amazing she looked. It makes me think of this post and how alternative bridesmaids (and brides!) make Offbeat Bride a little more fun every day.

Lindz and Jack do some colorful twirling. Photo by the groom's brother

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