Say goodbye to your old name and welcome the new with a "name burning"

Guestpost by baconkins on Nov. 13th

Burn © by Briography, used under Creative Commons license.

I know I am not a new person because my last name is changing, but I will no longer be my current legal name ever again. Even though I don't have a strong family tie to it and want to take my partner's name, it does feel like I am breaking up with my old last name.

I decided I want to do a name burning. I don't mean name burning as if I am taking things with my last name and burning them like a book burning. I want to do a burning, because out of the flames rises the phoenix.

I'm going to invite the women of my family to sit with me and just talk (and maybe drink) around a camp fire — or in our case a lot of candles. This way I can leave the old me, have a moment to appreciate the change, and start with my partner's last name. Corny, I know, but this would mean more to me than having a bridal shower or hen party.

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