Make your kitteh an honorary usher

By on Nov. 16th


Tribesmaid Onesonicbite and her groom Jon are cat parents and would love to have their kitty be included in the wedding. See, we cat people are jealous of all the adorable ring dogs. But bringing a cat to the ceremony would only lead to certain drama and crazy cat overreaction, so it's best they stay home and nap. Onesonicbite is creating an awesome wooden cut-out of her cat Toulouse to guard their program information board! It's a fabulous way to honor the feline fur baby while not putting her through the stress of actually being there.

One of Jon's best men will be painting the final product after his father cuts her into shape. It takes a village to make a big wooden cat. We will definitely be wanting to see the final version of this.

Oh, and this isn't the first time we've seen kitties represent. Check out Millenyum's invitations featuring Zulay.

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