This bride was carried to the altar in a coffin!

By on Nov. 5th

How do you walk down the aisle when your theme is "Till Death do Us Part" and you're getting married in an Northern California cemetery? If you're Kristen (aka Squeakz on the Offbeat Bride Tribe), you surprise the hell out of your groom by entering in a coffin carried by the groomsmen.

Yeah, yeah: I know LAST week was our week for spooky weddings, but trust: you're going to want to see Kristen and Joe's sweetly macabre video. It's way more heartwarming than the title of this post suggests.

Here's what Kirsten had to say about it:

Joe and I had our wedding at Mountain View Cemetery and I surprised everyone (including the groom) by showing up in a coffin. The groomsman didn't even know they had to carry me in until about an hour before.

Hopefully we'll have the full scoop on this wedding once Kirsten gets her photos back.

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