Simple afternoon tea wedding menu

Guestpost by planningahead on Nov. 8th

Here's Tribesmaid Planningahead's menu that carries with it a great reminder that the ULTIMATE way to have a lower budget wedding is to have an afternoon tea reception instead of dinner catering.


This table is ready for an afternoon tea party menu! Thanks to beebebourque for uploading this to our Flickr pool.

We catered our own wedding (with major help from the wedding party). So I whipped up a concrete version of the simple afternoon tea wedding menu that's been running around in my head. I kept this very very simple to spare us stress and cost and time.

So, this menu is not a full-meal-type-thing, just some finger food and cake for a 3 p.m. reception…


Plain and lemon-ginger, with clotted cream, lemon curd, and jam.

Tea sandwiches

A few options:

  • Cucumber and cream cheese (maybe with lemon and mint) on white bread.
  • Apple and cheddar (maybe with honey mustard) on wheat bread.
  • Open-faced roast beef (with baby greens and horseradish cream) on sliced baguette.

Berries and sliced fruit

afternoon tea buffet

Our berries and fruit out at our wedding

Cookie or brownie bites

afternoon tea buffet #2

Our cookies and brownies laid out.

Custard or jam tartlets

Pumpkin bread

Lemonade and iced tea

Hot tea

Sparkling cider for toasts

…And, of course, wedding cake!

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