Promovizion's custom glasses for your wedding events!

By on Oct. 9th

These "bride" sunglasses from our sponsor Promovizion — maker of custom printed promotional sunglasses — got a lot of Pinterest love from you. Let's talk about all the ways you can use these glasses…

Promovizion glasses come in an assortment of colors, and have a protective UV 400 coating. Their printing process uses high-quality perforated vinyl and eco-solvent inks that makes their eyewear waterproof and extremely durable — in essence, PARTY READY!

Ways to party with your Promovizion glasses:

  • Photo booth props: Omg, I love the "eyes" collection for this idea.
  • Accessorizing your wedding day outfits: Bride and/or groom glasses with special pairs for your wedding party, maybe customized with your special names for them like "Maid of Awesome!")
  • Bachelorette party or bridal shower: Think of the ridiculous photos that shall be taken at your rockin' bachelorette party. Or perhaps your bridal shower would be less awkward when your grandma is wearing animal print glasses?
  • Wedding favors: With Promovizion you could get your custom wedding logo on a pair of sunglasses, bought in bulk, for all your guests!
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