Swords, fire spinning, and a little Monty Python

By on Oct. 22nd

We've seen Jenni and Karen before at their queer Hindu vintage fashion wedding, and you know we are excited about this part deux that they submitted to the Flickr Pool! Red dress, red sari, gloves, bangles, and fire! We also saw quite a few photos with swords, some Knights of Ni, and even a little Gangnam Style. Check out what reader submissions came in from the Offbeat Bride Tribe, Pinterest, and the Flickr Pool.

Sword Arch

Cat and her groom grin under their archway of swords! Photo by a family member


YAY, another wedding with swords! Pixiesquacktoo's bridesmaids were miffed at not getting their own weapons, so they confiscated the men's swords for this shot. Photo by Orlando Claffey


Pixiesquacktoo also had this amazing photo of a volunteer fire spinner who entertained at the reception. Photo by Orlando Claffey

The Knights of Ni!

Tribesmaid Lunapuella's dad and her groom's dad performed a skit as the Knights of Ni from Monty Python. Coolest dads ever award, anyone? Photo by Koen Tornij

mario gangnam style

I'm surprised this is the first Gangnam Style reference I've seen in reader submissions. This one from Rhuester is Mario-influenced. Photo by Jorie Tappa

Getting ready

Amy's bridesmaid is sporting one of those convertible dresses, and I LOVE how her ink looks in that perfect spot. Photo by Carly Bish

Buttons and white knots

Amy's guests also wore white knots to support marriage equality. Photo by Carly Bish

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