Star Trek rings, big lollipops, and one wet ceremony

By on Oct. 1st

Tribesmaid Southaustinista and her groom show off their Star Trek rings (and smooching abilities!). It was a fabulously nerd-tastic start to the week with reader submissions from the Tribe, the Offbeat Flickr Pool, and Pinterest. We've also got a couple taking the plunge right after their ceremony, Millennium Falcon favors, and an epic shot from a World War II museum.

We take the plunge…

This is actually not a trash the dress shoot, but an actual ceremony that ended with the couple surprising everyone by taking the plunge!

Twin Mini-Attendants and their lollipops

Tribesmaid Andrea's two mini attendants look pretty happy with their giant lollipops. Photo by Chris Hazard

The Captain made an appearance!

Got a little Captain in ya? Tribesmaid Alissaknits' wedding party sure does. Photo by Amanda Summerlin

DIY Felt flower bouquets made by the bride

Tribesmaid Alissaknits' also DIYed these seriously intricate felt flower and button bouquets! Photo by Amanda Summerlin

Photo By Robin Walker Photography

Check out this bad-ass photo of NOLAdear and her groom at the World War II Museum New Orleans, LA. Photo by Robin Walker Photography

Millennium Falcon Favors

Tribesmaid Inthecorridors and her maid of awesome, Matt, made over a hundred of these out of early '90s plastic Micro Machines over the course of an afternoon. Photo by Hilary Webber

Sing It!

Tribesmaid Movetheriver belts out a tune (to a really professional setup!). Photo by Avraham Bank

Tribesmaid Celticwolf2012 and her groom rock the renaissance garb like it's second nature.

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